New On-Line Booking

check out the new scheduling system that makes it easy to book your lessons from the website,  Facebook and a few other options as well as calling us. 


We are so excited!!!  

Beginner Dressage Camp!

August 14-18, 2017

Get started on the journey to harmony with your riding.  Let TasisEC help you focus and achieve your riding goals. 

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One stride at a time we make contact with the ground.  Where we go from there is up to hard work and dedication.   

Çhevy In the Spotlight!

Çhevy and his team have done it again...Training Level Champion Open in Dressage.  Gayle, Liza, Olly, Mary and his newest rider Oliva helped to make this happen.  What a team! 

Liza Lapham & Firefox Klassic Chevy+

Liza Lapham & Firefox Klassic Chevy+


I missed my friend!

People sometimes say horses don't feel much emotion.  I think Andy is showing his just fine! 


Show Clipping!

Remember Hailey's facial clip this morning? 



Here is some more detailed information on the "Diamon" clip. 

Check this out....