TasisEC is offering lessons to Youth (10 years+) and Adults.

We no longer have little ponies so we will not be offering lessons to young children.

Youth must willing to take a fast forward approach. This is a group lesson and we will require the youth to be able to walk/trot, within a few lessons, on their own.

Regular monthly lessons are booked by texted or calling Liza at 250-882-2037 and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Monthly Rates:

Monthly rates are paid by the last day of the previous month in full. You are expected to be ready at your lesson time. Sick days are charged as the horse, instructor and ring have been booked and reserved for you. On months with an extra week it is included in the monthly price. If you are on holidays and give a minimum of 48 hrs notice those dates will be forwarded and can be booked into other group lessons besides the regular monthly lessons. Prices are not changed as they do not replace the regular monthly lessons or fees. If you leave this program you cannot get back on it and the full lesson rate of $55-65 applies to all future lessons.

  • Once a week -$200/month

  • Twice a week - $380/month

DROP IN Lessons can be booked on-line through our system as they are done in-between the monthly riders.

TasisEC is now offering the following lessons:

All lessons are planned, goal oriented and provide a direction of continued improvement.  A balance between horse and rider is achieved with quiet hands and proper equitation.  The basics are not rushed but are achieved and then added upon.   Whether you are a four or sixty-four we work at the level of the horse and rider.  

Let us help you achieve your goals and further your skills and confidence level.

Lesson Information

  • A lesson is a block of time, a horse/pony and Instructor that is reserved for you. It ensures that a "SPOT" saved for you.

    • You are paying for the time of the instructor, pony or horse and the use of the riding facilities and tack

    • Every change in lessons affects the whole stable and how well it runs

    • Please ensure you are ready for your lesson at the time booked

    • Intermediate students may tack up their horse or pony 15-30 minutes prior to their lesson if they can tack-up on their own

    • Cooling out and un-tacking after your lesson is required and any hot horse or pony must be cooled out properly

    • All tack must be cleaned and put away

  • If your horse/pony is not available a replacement mount will be reserved in it's place at the discretion of the Riding Instructor

  • Any cancellations are to be made at least 24 hours prior to allow for your "SPOT" to be made available to other riders if it is less than 48 hours the lesson is forfeited.

  • We do not accommodate sick days anymore

  • All students must have a valid British Columbia Horse Council Membership(Insurance) which can be obtained at www.hcbc.ca

  • All students must sign or have their guardian sign a waiver form

  • All students must dress appropriately in the proper attire

    • This can be purchased at Greenhawk in Brentwood Bay.