Jingle Bell Competitive Trail Ride Pictures


On the Trail


The Score Cards

The score is based on the number of minutes in their ride level.  Level 1 is 1 hour 20 minutes (score out of possible 80) and level 2 1 hour 30 minutes (score out of possible 90. 

There is a freebie 5 minute window on either side of their "target time".  A two point penalty for every minute they are early (outside the 10 minute free window) and a 1 point penalty for every minute that they are later than the 10 minute window. 

In the event that more than one person within a level is within the 10 minute window, the winner will be whoever is closer to their own target time.  When scoring, calculate the total actual time from the "target time out" to the "time in".  Their actual "time out" is for the riders reference when going over their score card post ride and seeing how they potentially hurt their score by any tardiness they may have had.



Level 1 Ride

  1. Lizzy riding Chevy
  2. Catie & Mya riding Misty
  3. Madeleine & Ellie riding Goldie
  4. Megan riding Rosie
  5. Jamie riding Fancy


Level 2 Ride

  1. Sarah riding Sam
  2. Gracie riding Nova
  3. Olly riding Spotty

The Score Cards